Power+Energy - fueling the Hydrogen Economy
Power+Energy - fueling the Hydrogen Economy 



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  • Power+Energy features a full line of Micro-Channel Hydrogen Purifiers to support any high purity requirement.
  • P+E News: P+E Welcomes Stuart Bestrom as Director of Global Sales, new Hydrogen Purifiers shipped to Taiwan, and read about P+E's collaboration with the US Navy on Auxiliary Power Units.
  • Power+Energy's Micro-Channel palladium-alloy hydrogen purifiers and hydrogen separators deliver nine-nines purity - Fueling the Hydrogen Economy.
  • P+E Manufactures Optimum Solutions For Your Hydrogen Purification And Separation Requirements using advanced Micro-Channel Separation Membranes.
  • Applications for P+E's Micro-Channel Hydrogen Purifiers & Separators include LED, Photovoltaics, Power Device, TFT-LCD & Semiconductor Manufacturing & anywhere ultra-high purity hydrogen is required.
  • P+E Micro-Channel Hydrogen Purifiers and Separators operate on the basic principle of gas diffusion across a semi-permeable membrane. Follow the links below to learn more about P+E technology.
  • Power+Energy Support Options - 888-371-7847 (US) - +1 215-942-4600 (outside US) Need Support, or Technical Assistance, or to obtain an Operationg Manual for your product, or to provide us feedback?
  • Contact Power+Energy - 888-371-7847 (US) - +1 215-942-4600 (outside US) Need Support, or Technical Assistance, or to find a P+E Representative?
  • Power & Energy, Inc. is a privately held schedule C corporation incorporated in PA, USA that provides hydrogen solutions Worldwide. P+E supplies hydrogen to rapidly growing markets around the World.
  • At Power+Energy,Inc. we take great care with your personal information. We value your privacy and your time. It's our policy never to sell, rent or otherwise share your email address or any other contact information you provide us without your express permission.
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Record Shipments for 1st Quarter 2012

P+E New Feature Article in Compound Semiconductor

Power+Energy Purifiers to Carry the ASME U-Stamp

New Purifier Product Data Sheets Available

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Setting a new benchmark for hydrogen delivery - Compound Semiconductor, January/February 2012 - Click here to visit Compound Semiconductor.

Setting a new benchmark for hydrogen delivery - a discussion about P+E's hydrogen purification technology in the January/February 2012 issue of Conmpound Semiconductor.

Compound Semiconductor - compoundsemiconductor.net

Read the full article at Compound Semiconductor.


Developments in the market for UHP hydrogen purifiers - an article by Noel Leeson, President & COO of Power & Energy, Inc.  More... 

Click here to download the PDF for the article. 

P+E Purification Technology White Paper

Power+Energy Purification Technology White Paper

"A Durable Gas Purification Technology for High-flow Hydrogen in LED, Power Device and Photovoltaic Fabrication"
Conference Program Summary from March 30, 2005 in Philadelphia. Download Paper (163KB PDF) 


PEO ShipsNAVSEA - Naval Sea Systems Command
Read about Power+Energy’s hydrogen separation technology and applications in NAVSEA’s 2010
Annual Report...

National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL)

Read about Power+Energy in the DOE's NETL Project Fact Sheet: Advanced Palladium Membrance Scale-up for Hydrogen Separation

DOE's Hydrogen Energy Program 

Power+Energy - 'Fueling the Hydrogen Economy'